FREE Nature joins NABU workshop on Grazing management

On the 11th and 12th of April the German Nature organization NABU organized a workshop on risk management of grazing projects. FREE Nature shared Dutch experiences.

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Feeding ungulates increases birds nest predation

Research from Southern Poland shows a relationship between feeding of ungulates, such as bison, deer or elk, and predation on ground breeding birds’ nests.

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Research dung beetles shows relationship large herbivores and open landscapes

New research on the presence of dung beetles shows a relationship between large herbivores and semi open landscapes, while absence of large herbivores leads to closed forests.

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Welcome to the FREE Nature website, the Foundation for Restoring European Ecosystems. FREE Nature restores natural areas in which nature is able to form itself. Natural processes shape these new wildernesses. Large mammalian species, such as beavers, wild horses and bovines, European bison and wolves, are part of this nature. People can freely enjoy this natural richness. FREE Nature works together with both clients and partners on the entire route from vision forming to practical management of wild herds. Involving local people is our second nature.