The Galloway is the small hornless brother of the Scottish Highlander. This predominantly black breed comes from Scotland and has been used for over 20 years as a large grazer in Dutch nature reserves.

The Galloway is friendly by nature, is hardened and can easily survive independently in the countryside. Originally the breed was kept for meet production. Because these animals have been used for such a long time, its rewilding process is far gone. These animals are well adapted to living in nature.

The fact that Galloway has no horns is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The absence of horns makes the Galloway appear friendlier and suitable for usage in heavily populated urban areas. For grazing is it a shortcoming to be without horns. Horns are frequently used to break branches. The Galloway does this less and therefore eat less woody species. Very noticeable are the big impressive bull pits, used to mark ones territory. They can be over a meter deep and several meters wide.

Most of FREE Natures Galloways are found in the Dutch Geldersche Poort and the Naardermee National Park.