Rode Geus

After several years of experience of rewilding Scottish Highland and Galloway cattle, we noticed that these animals did not quite fit into the Dutch climate. Summers are to warm for these thick coated animals. In 2000 therefore we started a breeding programme which resulted in the Rode (red) Geus. The Dutch brandrode cattle did not quite fore fill the needs for rewilding, but still was one of the Dutch most primitive races. For this we crossed these animals with the more hardened self-reliant French Saler cattle.

The Rode Geus can be found on different floodplains along the river Waal. They consume noticeably more woody species compared to other races and do well on a frugal menu. During their daily rhythm they walk considerable long distances. The herd instinct is well developed, the animals have a strong mutual bond. Towards people they show a friendly attitude.

The Rode Geus has a deep red colour, stand high on its legs and has a small udder. The thickness of the coat fits the Dutch climate with short summer coats and smooth sufficiently thick winter coats. Due to its short existence as a separate breed and short history of rewilding, it still is not adapted to live in nature as well as Scottish Highland or Galloway cattle. In time it will be.