Highland cattle

The wild and unruly Scottish Highlands are the origin of the rugged Highland cattle. With its long coat and long horns it’s well adapted to the rugged conditions here. The Scottish Highland cattle is a sober animal which can very well survive on a low quality diet. It can cope with severe winter conditions and can even survive in areas with night temperatures of – 30 C or below.

Cows give birth to new calves each spring, which happens totally independently. The herd instinct is well developed. Despite his tough exterior, it is a very friendly breed that goes well with audiences.

Since the ‘80s, the Highland cattle are used for natural grazing within Dutch Nature reserve. Since it can also be found elsewhere including nature reserves in Germany, Poland and Latvia. The herds of FREE Nature can mainly be found in smaller reserve around the Rotterdam Harbour Delta. FREE Natures largest herd of Scottish Highland cattle lives in the Roode Beek (Red Brook) in Limburg.