Natural processes

Working with FREE Nature means you have confidence in nature itself. Sustainable development means that you are constantly searching for ways to restore the natural balance, in such a way that nature can balance itself. One does this by looking at how both species and ecosystems have (co)evolved.

Most of our natural areas have been under human influence for hundreds or even thousands of years. Stepping back all at once might not always work, with huge biodiversity losses caused. For example most of our threatened species are depended on open and half open ecosystems. With the loss of old husbandry systems and without the presence of large numbers of wild herbivore and other natural processes which keep systems open, these areas will turn into dark forests rapidly. With many losses caused. Most of the plans written down by FREE Nature do not only present the final view, but more important, it paves the road how to get there. In the end this contributes to both the ecological and economical development.

We do this not only by looking at the past, by wondering about what once was there. The world around is constantly changing. Climate change being one of the latest treats. Sustainable development also means the species and systems have the space to and are able to adapt to future changes.