Rodopian Shorthorn

Rodopian shorthorn cattle are used in Bulgaria for rewilding. In 2002 a grazing project was started around the town of Madjarovo in the middle of the Rodopian Mountains. For this a local threatened breed was selected. Since they’ve been running wild in these mountains.

Most of the animals are black coloured, calves are born light brown. Very noticeable is the white ring around the noose. Compared to other breeds they are a bit smaller. The animals are very athletic and their hooves are a bit more “sheep formed” making them ideally suitable of mountainous conditions. And of course, as their name states, the have short horns.

One of the things we’ve learn form these animals is the importance for social herds. These mountains are also home to several packs of wolves. Especially calves are vulnerable. Having more bulls within the herds meant that the herds were better protected. Losses amongst farmers in the region, who had only one bull amongst many cows, we far bigger compared to these natural herds.