Fifth anniversary Bison Project Kraansvlak

24 – 04 – 2012

At Tuesday the 24th of April 2012, it was exactly five years ago that the First 3 European bison arrived at the Kraansvlak. During this period the herd has grown to 15 animals at it is likely that this summer will surprise us we new births.

The first five years of this pilot project gave us a lot of new insights in bison behavior and their influence on dune ecosystems. One of their favorite food sources are the spindle shrubs. The animals like to sand bath, creating new open patches. With these behaviors they have a clear different impact on their surroundings compared to the also present wild horses, fallow and roe deer. The pilot will be continued for the next five years, in which we hope to learn more about their behavior and the co-existence the Dutch public.

In celebration of the five year running pilot, the movie `een nieuwe kennismaking met wisenten’ was presented to the public. On the 24th the project was celebrated with many who were involved during the course of these years. The animals proudly presented themselves at the dune lake. The movie about the bison will be shown daily at the Zandwaaier information centre and is also presented with English subtitles.