Wild Horses towards Ost Friesland

7 – 05 – 2012

At the end of April a herd of wild konik horses was released in a nature reserve in Ost Friesland, Germany. The reserve is managed by the Germany nature organization the NABU. The animals came from the de Rug reserve in the Southern Part of the Netherlands. Due to the limited size of that reserve, the herd had grown past its carrying capacity. In total 27 animals found a new home in Germany. The transport was sponsored by the Dutch water company WML; Watermaatschappij Limburg.

The herd in Ost Friesland is now grazing of a 35 hectare estate. Before the introduction no other (semi) wild grazers were present. Other animals were transported in direction of Berlin, towards the Oranienbaumerheide. The animals brought here presented different blood lines than the already present animals. Local managers are delighted as changes of inbreeding are lowered as well as them now having the possibility to enlarge the grazing areas within the heath lands.

Due to natural fertility and population growth, FREE can offer an annual supply of rewilded horses. FREE Nature is constantly searching for new areas to rewild en release these animals into. During last couple of years animals were reintroduced in Estonia, Bulgaria, the UK, Belgium, French and Latvia. Suggestions are always welcome. If an areas seems to be ok for reintroduction, the WML will happily sponsor the transport of animals next year.