Konik horses well received in Cantabria

30 – 12 - 2012

The koniks which left the Netherlands last week arrived all and well into the Cantabrian Mountains. Two harems which have been donated by FREE Nature were reintroduced together with animals donated by the Groninger Landschap. News about the reintroduction could was brought by the local press.

In total 54 konik horses have been released into this rewilding area. The animals all withstood the long travel well. During transport food and drinking water was available on the truck. The journey took about 25 hours. An additional 8 hours was spend for an obligated rest break. A break for both the animals and the drivers.

The animals were transported in their own social groups, their own harems. This led to a smooth transition into their new environment. The different groups spend most of their time in each other’s neighborhood, but if you look well you can easily distinguish the different social groups.

Next spring an additional transport in planned. The entire project is made possible and supported by Joep van de Vlasakker of Flaxfield Nature Consultancy. FREE Nature is very grateful to Joep for finding a new suitable environment for our excess animals.

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Photos Fernando Moran

 Fernando Moran  Fernando Moran  Fernando Moran