Dead wolf didn’t reach Netherlands by own strength

26 – 10 – 2013

The wolf which supposedly reached the Netherlands and got killed after being hit by a car, after intensive investigations, turned out the be dumped as part of a practical joke. Contents of it stomach, a beaver, turned out to originate from Poland. Further investigations by Naturalis and the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre found traces of shot wounds which had been missed during earlier investigations.

Earlier investigations showed that the wolf of Luttelgeest, was likely killed as a result of being hit by a car. Intensive trauma masked the shot wounds during earlier investigation. Probably the wolf was run over by a car directly after being shot in Poland to mask the real cause of death.

FREE Nature and wolves in the Netherlands are surprised and dismayed at this news. Wolves are protected in Europe and it is both a crime to shoot one as well as transport one.

The fact that this wolf didn’t show up naturally does not mean wolves aren’t likely to return to western Europe. FREE Nature still believes it’s only a matter of time before the first wolves will populate the Netherlands, as did wolves only recently in Denmark.

Already a national wolf management plan is being prepared, subject to publication November 2013, by Alterra, part of Wageningen University. The `Wolven in Nederland’ initiative, which was co-founded by FREE Nature, is in close cooperation in preparing this management plan.