Dutch Konik horses thrive during Bulgarian winter

28 – 02 – 2014

Last October a herd of 30 semi wild Konik horses was moved from the Geldersche Poort to the Bulgarian Wilderness in the Rhodopian Mountains. After a few months it seem the animals have adapted well. They’ve got thick winter firs and are in excellent condition.

Natural grazing projects have been launched in Bulgaria as part of the `New Thracian Gold’ project. Bulgarian partners have learned from Dutch experiences and surplus konik horses of the Dutch Geldersche Poort reserve have been re-introduced into the Rhodopian Mountains. Over the course of the last months the animals gradually regained their freedom. Supplementary feeding will only be done during the first winter to help the animals to adapt to their new surroundings. Next couple of years the animals will become totally independent. Already the herd shows promising signs on their road to freedom.